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    news New Products; Medical Protection use PC Face Shield  Input In  Production
    Cases Volvo Car Membrane Switch
    December 31,1969

    WenYI Electronics Electronics Co.,Ltd

    WenYI Electronics Electronics Co.,Ltd . Was established in 2006, which is focused in manufacturing various membrane switches, Zebra connector conductive circuits, and related items,. Our main products are : 1) Membrane switch keypads. 2) Flex FPC circuit / PET circuits 3) SMT LED circuit keyPads. 4) Rubber keypad membrane switch 5) LGF Backlight membrane switch 6) Zebra membrane switch 7) Touch sensor circuits( capacity touch circuits, touch force circuits) 8) PC/ Acrylic mirror panel We are an ISO9001:2008 certified company , and in recently our new facility passed the most rigid environment ...
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